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Ekran, a magazine for film and television. Beside a critical assessment of films, its basic purpose is to open theoretical discussions on film and related media.

This is a classic news site with minimalist approach to both design and content. It is an digital version of printed magazine that's been around since 1962 and one of the oldest of its kind in the region, coming from Slovenia, Europe.

While simple and functional the site has many features — masonry layout post listings, post category pages with articles in print issue and online only. Classic post pages with related articles and social sharing options, you can't go without that. And there's also an archive of printed issues by the years and option to subscribe to magazine.

Design is minimal with subtle UI effects like monochrome to color images on mouse over. Back-end is simplified for handling magazine's variety of authors and contributors, with post templates for easier usability. Whole thing is powered by WordPress and the popular Divi Theme.


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